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Posted on: September 19, 2018

FRAUD: FBPD warns residents to be vigilant for scammers


FBTX ~ The Farmers Branch Police Department is asking residents to be aware that scams are on the increase, and are being perpetrated on social media, via email, and by telephone.

Scammers will prey on a person’s fear, desire to make easy money, compassion, or any combination of the three.

Some common scams include:

  • Claiming to be from a hospital or law enforcement agency and saying that your grandchild, child, etc. is hurt or arrested and needs money immediately.
  • Claiming that they are from the IRS or a law enforcement agency and that you will be arrested unless you pay an immediate fee or fine.
  • Claiming that your power/water will be turned off unless you pay immediately.
  • Emails sent to you that say you have won a large sum of money and you only have to pay a fee or taxes on it.
  • Emails, texts, or calls that claim to be from a missionary, or someone similar, from another country who needs money to get back home.

Some signs that the social media post, text, email, or call may be a scam:

  • Misspelled words; sentences that do not follow a normal speech pattern.
  • Pressure tactics; the scammer will not let you off the phone, speaks rapidly to not allow for questions, threatens you or a loved one, claims that a service will be immediately discontinued.
  • Instructions that money be sent via Western Union, Moneygram, or wired. 
  • Saying that payment be made by gift card or prepaid card.
  • Telling you not to contact the police and/or relatives.
  • Sending you a check for an amount more than you were expecting and then telling you to cash it and send them back the difference.

Scammers are convincing and persuasive, if you have any doubt to the veracity of a social media post, text, email, or call, please discontinue contact and report it to the Farmers Branch Police Department.


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