Municipal Settings Designation (MSD)

What is an MSD?

The MSD Program was passed by the state legislature in 2003. It allows for a historically contaminated property to be developed on by eliminating the need for further investigation or cleanup. It does this by restricting the use of groundwater for drinking purposes.

To view or download a blank MSD application please go to 
Farmers Branch MSD Application

What is groundwater?

Groundwater is the water you can’t see that is contained within the soil and underground. Surface water is what you see in lakes, streams, and ponds.

Why isn’t the site being cleaned up any more?

Some sites take decades to clean up and until the ground water meets standards that are safe for drinking, no new development or redevelopment can occur. Because Farmers Branch has a municipal water supply instead of drinking water wells, it is not necessary to reach drinking water quality standards. All other cleanup standards have been met.

Is the contamination spreading?

Farmers Branch will not consider granting an MSD to an applicant until they demonstrate that the contamination is not spreading. Typically these cases are the result of contamination from many, many years ago and the contamination is on the decline.

What if I have more questions?

Contact the Environmental Health Division by email or call 972.919.2539.