Deferred Disposition

The Judge may grant Deferred Disposition for the dismissal of an offense. Deferred disposition is an unsupervised probation for a specific amount of time. If you meet the conditions of your deferred, the citation is dismissed. Most individuals may request this option in person, online or by mail. If an individual qualifies, they will be required to pay court costs and a special expense fee upon submission of the written request.

The cost of deferred disposition is the amount listed on your citation or the online payments page. There are no additional costs to make this request. Most violations are eligible to request deferred disposition online. Please go to the ONLINE PAYMENTS PAGE to see if your violation is eligible or contact the court clerks office for assistance.

~ If you are under age 25 and requesting Deferred Disposition for a moving violation you will be required by law to complete a Driver's Safety Course as a condition of your deferral.

~ Deferred Disposition is not an option for holders of a commercial driver's license OR offenses committed in a construction zone with workers present.

For more information on Deferred Disposition please contact the Court Clerk's office for instructions at 972-484-4112.