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Ordinance 3647

 The acceptance of a campaign contribution in excess of $1000 by any member of the city council shall create a conflict of interest based on an appearance of impropriety with regard to any matter that would materially benefit a campaign contributor or any business entity in which said campaign contributor has a substantial interest. Campaign contributions shall include loans, offsets to expenditures, and in-kind donations. For purposes of this section, a substantial interest in a business entity shall have the same meaning for campaign contributors as set out in section 171. 002 of the Texas Local Government Code for local public officials. It shall be the responsibility of the campaign contributor, and not the city council member, to identify their substantial business interests impacted by this section. Should a conflict of interest arise under this section, the impacted member(s) of city council should recuse themselves, state the grounds for the conflict of interest on the record by filing an affidavit with the city secretary, withdraw from debate on the issue, and abstain from the vote on the matter.

The recusal requirement applies only to contributions made to the members of the city council for their current elected position and not to any prior elected positions held. In the event a quorum cannot be obtained because of recusals pursuant to this section, abstention is not required, and the impacted members of the city council may vote if the nature of the conflict of interest is fully disclosed on the record.