Antique Rose Garden

Historical Park Rose Garden
The Historical Park is proud to announce that antique roses are now blooming in the new rose garden in front of the Park’s 1885 Queen Anne Victorian Cottage. The garden is a gift to the City in honor of Ruthan Rogers, a rose enthusiast and past president and member of the Brookhaven Garden Club and the Dallas Rose Society.

“Roses were an important part of my mother’s life,” says Sandi Holzgraefe, daughter of Mrs. Rogers. “She also loved the idea of roses in a historical setting.” Since the Park’s mission is to preserve and share the heritage of North Texas and Farmers Branch, the rose garden will educate visitors about selection and care of roses, their place in Texas landscapes and their history. Ms. Holzgraefe is looking for rosarians who would be interested in compiling historic information on the roses that are selected.

The City’s very own Park Landscape Manager, Pam Smith, designed the antique rose garden. Dr. Steve George, Associate Professor and Extension Landscape Specialist with Texas A&M University, assisted Ms. Smith with rose selection.
In addition to the formal garden, the Park will participate in the EarthKind Environmental Landscape Program headed by Dr. George. He has been a leader in the study and advancement of EarthKind Roses and is the statewide Extension coordinator of the program. This program is designed to advance the field testing of experimental rose selections. No fertilizers (i.e. no commercial synthetic, no commercial organic) and pesticides (i.e. no fungicides, no insecticides, no miticides, no neem oil) are to be used on the roses. The program’s intent is to identify the most beautiful carefree roses ever developed.

The Rose Garden was dedicated on Tuesday, July 3, 2007 as part of the Independence Day Celebration festivities.

The Rose Garden is available for reservation and as a backdrop for photos. Please contact the Historical Park staff at 972.406.0184 for more information or click on the Historical Park Rentals Link.

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