Programs & Reports

Beltline Road Study

Catalyst Commercial was retained by the City of Farmers Branch to conduct an analysis on the viability of retail on property within Farmers Branch along Belt Line Road between Marsh Lane and Webb Chapel Road. In conducting this analysis, Catalyst used a combination of industry best practices and proprietary methodologies. Their findings suggest this corridor, in comparison to other sections of Belt Line Road, is underutilized and provides minimal community value.

Included in this report are the results of findings which are reflective of current market trends in the trade area, retailer site criteria, and the vision of the City of Farmers Branch, as communicated by key stakeholders. The intent of this effort was to understand the retail viability of the corridor down to a categorical level by providing the City of Farmers Branch and its stakeholders, with the appropriate market data necessary to understand the viability of a potential retail redevelopment strategy.

Four Corners Study

Catalyst, Site Selection Group and Burns Development Group were retained by the City of Farmers Branch to perform a market analysis with the purpose of identifying retail, residential and office demand for the City of Farmers Branch based on market factors. These include: demographics, psychographics, demand/leakage analysis, and the physical constraints of available properties within the study area. This Merchandising Plan is a collection of resource materials intended to provide information to Farmer Branch regarding the suitability of uses within the 9 acre tract located at the SEC of Josey and Valley View.

This Merchandising Plan is intended to outline demand for retail, office and residential uses based upon the demand and profile of Farmers Branch taking into account both the positive (+) and negative (-) features.

I-35/Station Area Study

This retail and hospitality market analysis is a tool for identifying and quantifying retail and hospitality opportunities existing in the marketplace and for developing market-based strategies for influencing the redistribution of those opportunities so they may be absorbed within the Study Area. A thorough understanding of the market for new development of retail and hospitality provides the necessary context to develop marketing and development strategies for uses which are consistent with the market.

Ultimately, developing the Study Area to its highest and best use is the result of a coordinated effort which takes into account input from the residents of the surrounding community, economic and market conditions, planning experts and development partners and the end-user (i.e. tenant/operator) community.

Mercer Code

Detailed development information is available about the Mercer Crossing development. Please contact Planning at 972.919.2546 if you need more detailed information.

Station Area Code

Detailed development information is available about the Farmers Branch Station area. Please contact Planning at 972.919.2549 if you need more detailed information.