Property Identification Program

Property Identification Program

The Farmers Branch Police Department’s Property Identification Program is designed to prevent thefts and burglaries and help identify stolen property should a theft or burglary happen. Our police officers frequently recover property that is unidentifiable due to lack of identifying information such as the make, model and serial number.

The Property Identification Program is intended to make it easy for you to mark your valuables and record identifying information. The program supplies you with bar code labels that you simply attach to your valuables. Farmers Branch Police Officers can use a hand held scanner to read the information on the bar code and then make contact with you by telephone quickly and easily.

At the same time we recommend that you record the make, model and serial number of your valuables on a property inventory sheet that is also supplied as part of the program.

Of course, not all items of value have serial numbers or room for a bar code label. Items such as jewelry or rare coins should be photographed and copies of the pictures stored with your personal property inventory sheet.

You should keep your list in a safe place that is convenient to update as you purchase new valuables. A safety deposit box or safe is recommended.

We invite you to participate in this program as we continue our commitment to work in partnership with the citizens of Farmers Branch.

Getting Started

To enroll in the program, simply contact Officer Rutherford at 972.919.9135 or email Officer Rutherford. Tell the officer that you wish to enroll in the Property Identification Program. The officer will get some basic contact information from you and provide you with the program details and instructions.