Planning & Zoning Application Forms

Energov: New Online Application System  

CSS PortalThe City of Farmers Branch has implemented a new software system called EnerGov to manage zoning and development applications, where customers are able to pay and apply for any Planning Application online through the Citizen Self Service (CSS) portal.  With a CSS account, customers will be able to do the following from their computer, or tablet:
  • Create an account
  • Submit zoning and development applications
  • Submit zoning verification letter applications
  • Make payments
  • Track progress of the submitted application
  • Receive review comments from staff and
  • Submit revised plans and/or documents
To help navigate CSS, staff has created User Guides on the basic CSS functions. Please visit our CSS page to get registered and/or tour the portal. For questions on how to set up an account or submit an application, please review these user guides.

The following application forms can be utilized by customers who are unable to apply online through CSS. Before submitting an application through CSS, please review the applicable checklists provided under additional resources to successfully prepare and complete an application. 'Property Owners Consent Form' and 'Applicant and Owners Acknowledgement Form' are both required documents for online submittal for any application. Please download these two forms, fill out, scan and upload in CSS. Before submitting an application, if you have questions and would like to discuss with staff, please request a Pre-Application Meeting by completing the pre-application meeting request form.

Additional Resources