Recycling Collection

Need a Blue Recycling Cart?
Click the button to request a cart online, or contact the Public Works Department at 972.919.2597 for delivery of a recycling cart to your residence. 

Recycling Cart Button

Weekly Recycling Collection

  • Place items in the blue cart provided by CWD.
  • All recyclable material can be combined and placed un-bagged in the cart. Do not put recycling in bags.
  • The cart should be placed at the curb or alleyway with handles facing the road or ally.
  • On non-service days, carts must be kept out of view from the street.
  • Carts set out for service, must be retrieved and returned to their storage location no later than 9 AM the day after service.

Drop Off Recycling

Find out more about drop off recycling at the Citizen Collection Center

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