Zoning & Other Development Ordinances

Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance 
The requirements of the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance apply to the use and development of all land within the City. The Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance includes dimensional standards, such as, setbacks, lot size, building height, floor area ratio (F.A.R), site development standards, such as, parking, landscaping, and other special development regulations, based on land use. 

The posted ordinances are for information purposes only. If there is more than one ordinance for a Planned Development or if you need clarification, please contact a planner in the Planning Division, 972.919.2542. You may access the City of Farmers Branch complete Code of Ordinances at the Municode Website.

To find out the zoning classification of a property, please use our online map.

Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO), Ordinance 3415*

Entire Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance


Please note that many of these above CZO Articles have been amended and the latest regulations are listed below, with parenthetic reference to the topic of the amendment.

Recent Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance Amendments

Other Pertinent Ordinances