Public Works Permits

Rights-of-Way Construction Permit & Process

All non-City utility contractors and private contractors working within public rights-of-way or easements are required to obtain a rights-of-way permit. The Public Works Department issues permits to franchise utility service providers (Atmos, Oncor, AT&T, and Time Warner) for work they require in public rights-of-way. Other non-franchise utility providers must be registered with the City prior to obtaining permits to work in public rights-of-way.
Permit Process
  1. The utility provider or paving contractor completes the Rights-of-Way Application and attaches one set of plans that define their work and identifies City utilities in the work area. Plan sheets should include dimensionings, depth, length, and type of excavation/installation method, notarized indemnity agreement on page 4, copy of certificate of liability, traffic plans, project and any other information that may be requested by the Public Works Department.
  2. The Public Works Department (and other City departments when applicable) will review the construction plans and application.
  3. A Public Works Construction Inspector will be assigned to inspect the work.
  4. The rights-of-way permit will be released for construction when the City satisfactorily completes the plan review.
  5. The utility provider/contractor will be notified that the permit has been released for construction. The contractor must have the permit on the construction site at all times.
  6. The utility provider/contractor must contact the Public Works Department to obtain City utility locations prior to beginning their permitted work.

Construction Inspection within Public Rights-of-Way

A Public Works Construction Inspector is assigned for the inspection of public improvements and other construction within public street rights-of-way and easements, and when obtaining a fill permit.

Fill Permit

All work within the 100-year flood plain requires City review and may require a fill permit and approval from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other regulating agencies.

Prior to requesting a fill permit application, an applicant should schedule a pre-application conference with the Floodplain Administrator in the Public Works Department. The City’s Floodplain Administrator will review the scope of work and what studies, if any, may be required for evaluating the project impact on the floodplain.

Curb Painting Permit

Permitting for painting of addresses on street curbing within all public street rights-of-way is required per City Ordinance No.2472. Individuals or companies who want to provide their services to paint addresses on street curbs must register with the Public Works Department and obtain a Curb Painting Permit. The Public Works Department will provide applicants with information they will need to perform their work. The permit fee for curb painting is $50.00. A Solicitation License must be obtained at the Farmers Branch Police Department prior to issuance of the Public Works Department Curb Painting Permit.