Environmental Health

Environmental Health Division at the City of Farmers Branch works towards community development by meeting present and future public health needs of the citizens of Farmers Branch.  Environmental Health Division serves the citizens by implementing, participating, and conducting the following programs.  

Food Safety

Go to  Food Safety  for permits and additional information.  

  • Planning Food Establishments
  • Permit Requirements
  • Food Establishments Inspections
  • Food Establishment Grading
  • Temporary Events

Commercial Swimming Pools Inspections & Permit Requirements

Go to Commercial Pool Inspections & Permit Requirements for health permit and inspection requirements. 

Mosquito Control Program

Go to Mosquito Control Program for additional information about the city program, best practices to reduce mosquitos around homes and where you can get free mosquito dunks. 

Municipal Setting Designation (MSD)

Liquid Waste Transporter

Rodent Control

The City of Farmers Branch does not treat or exterminate rodents.  The city cannot apply pesticides or rodenticides to private property.  There is a potential risk to domestic animals and pets by applying these toxins to private property.  Placing baits or traps on public areas would only cause the rats to move to private property.  

Rodents are active year-round.  However, a change in the weather, large construction projects and even feeding pets and wildlife can increase their visibility and activity.  By eliminating food, water and shelter you can reduce rodent harborage.  

Homeowners should consult a Licensed Pest Control Company about treatment of private property.  The City of Farmers Branch Code Enforcement Department may investigate any potential area that could be contributing a rodent harborage.  

Report an Environmental Health Complaint

  • Environmental Health Division addresses and investigates food borne illness and stagnant water complaints.  To file your complaint, please contact at 972.919.2539.