Entertainment Overlay District


The City of Farmers Branch City Council has recently adopted (October 2020) an ordinance creating an “Entertainment Overlay District” within the city’s East Side. The purpose of the Entertainment Overlay District is to allow for destination-oriented venues to promote a vibrant and active East Side, thereby providing residents and employees opportunities to socialize and be entertained. This district is anticipated to encourage economic development through infill and redevelopment of underutilized properties and adaptive reuse of existing buildings in order to assist in the ongoing revitalization efforts. The balance of land uses and businesses for working, living, shopping, and entertainment will potentially increase the quality of life for residents and employees of Farmers Branch, and help to create a unique identity for the East Side.

Entertainment Overlay District Ordinance (PDF)

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The overlay district boundary consists of Spring Valley Road to the north; Midway Road to the west; Inwood Road to the east; and the southern boundary being Simonton Road from Midway Road to Welch Road, then continuing south along Welch Road to McEwen Road, then east along McEwen Road/Galleria Drive and subsequently ending at the eastern city limit line. A link to the map showing the proposed overlay district boundary is provided below.

Entertainment Overly District Map


While several land uses/businesses that support the goals and objectives of this proposed overlay district are already allowed by right within this area, such as:

  • Amusement Commercial, Indoor
  • Breweries (includes Wineries) and Brewpub
  • Restaurant, General and Qualifying

Additional land uses that are being allowed by right are as follows: 

  • Bar of Tavern
  • Banquet Hall or Events Center, Indoor
  • Distillery
  • Private Club
  • Theater, Indoor

It is important to note that any existing business or land use that are currently permitted within the applicable zoning district, will continue to be permitted moving forward, irrespective of the implementation of the proposed overlay district. The objective of this proposed zoning amendment is to relax zoning restrictions and allow more businesses to open and invest within the city's East Side.

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Smoking establishments are allowed within the district with approval of a Specific Use Permit (SUP). An SUP is considered an additional zoning action, and allows for a case- by-case review, subject to review by the Planning and Zoning Commission and approval by City Council. Only business establishments generating minimum 30% of its total gross revenue from on premise sales and consumption of tobacco and related products and accessories will be considered a smoking establishment. Smoking establishments will not be allowed elsewhere within the city outside of the proposed Entertainment Overlay District boundaries.

The following requirements are proposed to be added for any new smoking establishment within the proposed Entertainment Overlay District in order to reduce potential negative air quality impacts related to these businesses:

  • Adequate ventilation must be provided as required by the International Building Code, as adopted and amended, and the city’s Smoking Ordinance.
  • Shall provide an air filtration system that prevents the commingling of air with other businesses, common areas, hallways and other non-smoking areas.
  • Shall provide tenant demising walls that terminate at the roof deck with all penetration sealed, constructed in accordance with the International Building Code, as adopted and amended.
  • Shall conspicuously post a sign stating "this is a smoking establishment" at all entrances to the establishment.


A short survey along with a brief description of the proposed Entertainment Overlay District and its boundary area map, was mailed to property and business owners located in and within 200 feet of the proposed Entertainment Overlay District, on July 3, 2020. This same survey was also available online on the city’s website during the same time period and was closed on August 14, 2020. The analysis of the survey responses are now available.

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For more information regarding the proposed overlay district, please contact, Ms. Surupa Sen, AICP, Senior Planner at 972.919.2546 or via email at surupa.sen@farmersbranchtx.gov.