Frequently Asked Questions

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For health and COVID-19 symptom FAQs, please click here.

Is my business or workplace considered essential under the shelter in place order?

Dallas County has created an email address for all questions related to "essential business" under the County Judge’s amended order. Please contact for questions. The Summary Chart for Dallas County’s Executive Order also provides more info.

How can I donate items to support the COVID-19 response?

The Farmers Branch Fire Department is looking to our community partners to assist us in obtaining cleaning supplies and some very specific Personnel Protective Equipment for our first responders.

These supplies will help our Firefighters and Police Officers safely do their jobs during the COVID-19 virus outbreak.

We are specifically looking for:

  1. Lysol Disinfectant Spray
  2. Purell Professional Surface Disinfectant
  3. Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
  4. Lysol Disinfecting Wipes
  5. Commercial Disinfectant Spray/Solution
  6. Hand Sanitizer
  7. PDI-Sani Wipes
  8. N95 Respirators
  9. Large and XL medical exam gloves

If you are able to provide any of these items, for sale or by donation, please contact Fire Inspector Wendi Kimpton via e-mail: or call Fire Administration at 972.919.2640.

The Fire Department will be more than happy to come and pick up any available supplies

How can I help the Farmers Branch community?

Metrocrest Services is one of many local organizations providing support to those in need during this time. Click here for more information.

Should I be worried about my pets and the coronavirus? Are vet visits allowed?

FAQs for Pet Owners answered by the Texas Animal Health Commission available here.

Dallas County warns of Coronavirus scams. More helpful resources on recognizing Scams, Rumors and Fraud.

Updated Order re: Face Coverings April 18, 2020 | Updated FAQs on face mask coverings by Dallas County | en Español

In an effort to combat the spread of coronavirus, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins issued an amended order stating that all residents of Dallas County should shelter-in-place, effective at 11:59 p.m. Monday, March 23, through at least April 3. Frequently asked questions regarding the amended order are below.

Frequently Asked Questions: Stay Home Stay Safe

What can I do?

  • Perform tasks essential to your health and safety, or to the health and safety of your family or household members (for example, obtaining medical supplies or medication, visiting a health care professional, or obtaining supplies need to work from home).
  • Obtain necessary services or supplies for yourself and your family or household members, or to deliver those services or supplies to others (for example, food, pet supply, and any other household consumer products, and products necessary to maintain the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of residences).
  • Go to work at an Essential Business (as defined in the Order) or work from home at a non-essential business.
  • Care for a family member or pet in another household.
  • Engage in outdoor activity, provided the individuals comply with social distancing requirements of six feet (for example, walking, biking, hiking, or running).
  • Move to another residence either in or outside Dallas County.

What is still open?

  • Government Services: police stations; fire stations; hospitals/clinics and healthcare operations; jails; courts; garbage/sanitation; transportation including DART; and utilities (water, power and gas).
  • Healthcare Facilities: hospitals; clinics; dentists; chiropractor offices; optometry offices; pharmacies; healthcare suppliers; mental health providers; substance abuse service providers; blood banks; and any other healthcare facility. 
  • Food: Grocery stores; farmers markets; food banks; convenience stores; gas stations; and take-out, drive-through, and delivery restaurants. 
  • Schools: Public and private educational institutions, only for the purposes of facilitating distance learning or performing essential functions. 
  • Maintenance Services: Hardware stores, plumbers, electricians, cleaning services, and others who provide services necessary for maintaining the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of residences and essential businesses.
  • Animal Services: veterinary care; pet food and supply stores; grooming if necessary for the health of the animal; pet daycare, but only for employees of essential businesses.
  • Financial Institutions: Depository lenders, such as banks and credit unions can operate. Non-depository lenders, such as payday lenders, must close. Payroll services can also continue to operate.
  • Other Essential Facilities: Laundromats/laundry services; gas stations; hotels, motels, shared rentals, and similar facilities.
  • Cemeteries and funeral services.
  • Churches can conduct services via teleconference.

What about childcare?

  • Only for employees of essential businesses who are exempted from the Order. 
  • Must be carried out in stable groups of 12 or fewer each day.
  • No interchanging of groups of children.
  • More than one group is at a facility, then each group must be in a separate room (no mixing of groups).
  • Each provider must stay with only one group and not change.

Can I use ride share or on-demand service or a taxi?

  • Yes, but only for essential travel.
  • Do your best to take social distancing precautions: cover your mouth and nose if you cough or sneeze, use hand sanitizer, and wash your hands before and after rides, etc.

Can I move?

  • Yes, moving is allowed but is generally discouraged.

How do I prove that I am allowed to be outside?

  • At this time there is no requirement of proof that you are allowed to be outside your residence because the order presumes that citizens will adhere to their civic duty and follow the order for the greater good of the community.

Preguntas Frequentes: Quedate en Casa, Quedate a Salvo

¿Qué puedo hacer?

  • Realizar labores esenciales para su salud y seguridad, o para la salud y seguridad de su familia o miembros del hogar (por ejemplo, obtener suministros médicos o medicamentos, visitar a un profesional de la salud u obtener los suministros necesarios para trabajar desde su hogar). 
  • Obtener los servicios o suministros necesarios para usted y su familia o miembros de su hogar, o para entregar esos servicios o suministros para otros (por ejemplo, alimentos, suministros para mascotas y cualquier otro producto de consumo doméstico, y productos necesarios para mantener la seguridad, el saneamiento, y funcionamiento esencial de las residencias).
  • Trabajar en un negocio esencial.
  • Cuidar a un miembro de su familia o mascota en otro hogar.
  • Participar en actividades al aire libre, siempre y cuando las personas cumplan con los requisitos de distancia social de seis pies (por ejemplo, caminar, andar en bicicleta, caminar o correr). 
  • Mudarse a otra residencia dentro o fuera del condado de Dallas.

¿Qué sigue abierto?

  • Servicios gubernamentales: estaciones de policía; estaciones de bomberos; hospitales / clínicas y operaciones de atención médica; cárceles, cortes; limpieza/saneamiento; transporte, incluyendo DART; y servicios públicos (agua, electricidad y gas).
  • Instalaciones sanitarias: hospitales; clínicas; dentistas; consultorios quiroprácticos; oficinas de optometría; farmacias; proveedores de atención médica; proveedores de salud mental; proveedores de servicios de abuso de sustancias; y bancos de sangre. 
  • Alimentos: supermercados; mercados de agricultores; bancos de alimentos; tiendas; estaciones de servicio; y restaurantes de comida para llevar, donde se pide desde el coche y a domicilio.
  •  Escuelas: instituciones educativas públicas y privadas, con el único fin de facilitar el aprendizaje a distancia o realizar funciones esenciales. 
  • Servicios de mantenimiento: ferreterías, plomeros, electricistas, servicios de limpieza y otros que brindan servicios necesarios para mantener la seguridad, el saneamiento y el funcionamiento esencial de las residencias y negocios esenciales. 
  • Servicios para animales: atención veterinaria; tiendas de comida y suministros para mascotas; aseo si es necesario para la salud del animal; guardería para mascotas, pero solo para empleados de negocios esenciales. 
  • Instituciones financieras: Prestamistas depositarios como bancos y cooperativas de crédito. Los prestamistas no depositarios, como los prestamistas de día de pago, deben cerrar. Los servicios de nómina también pueden continuar funcionando. 
  • Otras instalaciones esenciales: lavanderías / servicios de lavandería; gasolineras; hoteles, moteles, alquileres compartidos e instalaciones similares. 
  • Cementerios y servicios funerarios. 
  • Las iglesias pueden realizar servicios por teleconferencia.

¿Qué pasa con el cuidado de niños?

  • Estos servicios solo se permitiran para empleados de negocios esenciales que están exentos de la Orden. 
  • Debe realizarse en grupos estables de 12 o menos cada día. 
  • No se deben intercambiarn grupos de niños. 
  • Más de un grupo está en una instalación, entonces cada grupo debe estar en una habitación separada (sin mezclar grupos). 
  • Cada proveedor debe permanecer con un solo grupo y no cambiar.

¿Puedo usar el servicio de transporte compartido o bajo demanda o un taxi?

  • Sí, pero solo para viajes esenciales.
  • Haga todo lo posible para tomar precauciones de distanciamiento social: cubra su boca y nariz si tose o estornuda, use desinfectante para manos y lávese las manos antes y después de los viajes, etc.

¿Me puedo mudar?

  • Sí, se permite mudarse, pero generalmente se desaconseja.

¿Cómo pruebo que se me permite estar afuera?

  • En este momento, no hay requisito de prueba de que se le permite estar fuera de su residencia. La orden presume que los ciudadanos cumplirán con su deber cívico y seguirán la orden para el bien mayor de la comunidad.