Safe & Sound Housing Empowerment Program



To provide housing support to families with children in Farmers Branch who are homeless or on the verge of homelessness by providing direct housing support in parallel with self-sufficiency services such as financial capability, employment coaching, and education/training.


In April 2019, Farmers Branch City Council voted to enter into a contract with Metrocrest Services to provide support and direct services to children within Farmers Branch that will enable City’s children to improve their quality of life. The contract extends through September 2020.


April through July 2019
-Benchmarked with other programs in DFW
-Hired Program Manager: Victoria Mendoza
-Developed program guidelines and eligibility requirements

July through October 2019
-Finalized school referral process & met with campus Homeless Liaisons
-Enrolled 7 families & conduct weekly coaching appointments
-Met city staff for updates
-Constant evaluation of prospective families
-Created program name: Safe & Sound Housing Empowerment Program


As of November 2019, Safe & Sound has helped 7 families including 9 adults and 17 children. 

The program has provided direct aid including rental assistance, medical/dental/behavioral health referrals, furniture assistance, food pantry, and clothing vouchers. Metrocrest Services has also provided financial coaching sessions and workforce skills training.

All enrolled families are now in stable housing situations and are on track to improve their financial situations. 

Client Testimonials

At a recent financial coaching appointment, we asked a Client if anything felt different now that she had developed a plan to pay bills on time. She replied, “It’s nice not to have to look over my shoulder to see if someone’s coming after me for not paying my bills.”

After making great strides in paying off debt, one Client remarked "I feel so proud of myself. I want to keep accomplishing more things!” and asked how soon she could enroll in our GED program.

More Information

For more information on the Safe & Sound Housing Empowerment Program, please call Farmers Branch at 972.919.3131