Fall Prevention Program

Fire Department Fall Prevention Forms

The main goal of the Farmers Branch Fire Department in the Fall Prevention Program is to spread awareness to our residents, specifically older adults, who might benefit from the program. If fire department personnel respond to the home of an older adult who experienced a fall or who may be a fall risk, they will complete a Fall Prevention Program form. The form will be given to the resident. The resident should then give the form to their primary care provider to be assessed for participation in fall prevention therapy.


  • One out of three adults aged 65 and older falls each year
  • Half of all adults aged 80 and older fall each year
  • People who fall are two to three times more likely to fall again
  • One out of every five falls causes a serious injury such as a head trauma or fracture

Fall Prevention Components 

1) The first component is Home Safety. This includes assessing your home for risks and adding safety features such as lighting or grab bars. Common safety strategies include:

  • Clearing walkways and stairs from clutter you can trip on
  • Using non-slip mats and rugs or using adhesive tape to keep rugs in place to prevent sliding
  • Installing handrails and grab bars on staircases, in shower, and next to the toilet
  • Wearing shoes with rubber soles to prevent slipping on slick surfaces
  • Turning on lights or installing motion nightlights so you can navigate at night

Assess the risks in your home using a checklist. Here is a CDC Home Safety Checklist: Check For Safety Checklist  

2) The second component is Physical Strengthening which includes improving strength, balance, and gait. This can be accomplished through simple exercises, often administered by physical therapists. Talk to your primary care provider and ask to be assessed for fall prevention physical therapy.

Importance of Fall Prevention

Research has shown that fall prevention program's for high-risk adults can produce a net cost savings of almost $9 for each $1 invested. Programs designed to prevent falls can:

  • save hospital admission and long-term care costs
  • help older adults living alone or in communities maintain their independence
  • help older adults increase their strength and balance

Fall Prevention Therapy is most effective for older adults who have fallen or who are a fall risk and who have moderate to severe decreased strength and balance due to risk factors such as arthritis and inactivity. Therapy participants should be able to walk in their own home with or without a walking aid.

Medicare Coverage

Ask your primary care provider to be assessed for fall prevention therapy. Fall Prevention Therapy is delivered at home and may be covered under Medicare Part A and Part B.

  • Medicare Part A may cover therapy provided by a home health agency for individuals who fit the requirements for homebound status.
  • Medicare Part B may cover therapy provided in home by a non-hospital affiliated outpatient physical therapy practice for individuals who are not homebound, but receive the benefit of Part B Outpatient Therapy. Physical therapists working in critical access hospitals also qualify to provide Fall Prevention therapy in the home. 

Medicare does not recognize fall prevention programs as a reimbursable expense, therefore a physical therapist will need to determine if physical therapy services fit the "medically necessary" guidelines of the patient's Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and/or third-party insurance coverage. 


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