Fraud Resources

Covid-19 Fraud and Scams

Due to the pandemic there has been a substantial increase in fraud related to Covid-19. The following link is a great resource on preventing yourself from becoming a victim. Covid-19 Fraud.

Tax Fraud

If someone is fraudulently using your social security number for employment purposes and you are receiving notifications that you owe taxes or earned wages that you did not earn, fill out the following form: IRS Affidavit, and follow the instructions listed.  

Mail Theft or Scam

The United States Postal Inspector has jurisdiction over the mail and while a mail theft in progress should be a call to 911, reports of mail thefts or scams should also be reported to the Postal Inspector or at 877.876.2455.

Online Scams

Online scams include but are not limited to Craigslist scams, Offer Up scams, lottery scams, email scams, money orders/ wire transfer scams, ransomware, and so on. These should be reported to the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

(This does not preclude the complainant from contacting the police department with questions or to have an incident documented with a service number)

Check Forgery

Ask your financial institution where the check was passed (deposited/cashed/etc) and make a police report with that city’s agency. If the check was passed within the city of Farmers Branch, please fill out the Forgery Packet and submit it to the Farmers Branch Police Department.  The financial institution is required to provide the information on forged and fraudulent accounts under the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA). Location(s) of where the check(s) were forged, check copies, a forgery affidavit from the financial institution and any other pertinent information should be obtained and provided to the police department. 

“Hot” Checks

The Farmers Branch Police Department does not take reports of Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) checks. These cases should be filed directly with the check division with the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office. The check division also takes “theft by check” cases, however if you are unsure of what to do, please contact the Farmers Branch Police Department at 972.484.3620. The guidelines for filing hot check cases with Dallas County can be found online.

Fraudulent Credit/Debit Card Charges

The police report should be filed with the agency where the credit/debit card was physically used. If the fraud occurred online, it can be reported with the Internet Crime Complaint Center. Ultimately the person or business who suffered the monetary loss will be the complainant, which is generally the financial institution upon reimbursement. If a police report is required so that you may be reimbursed, please complete the Credit Card Affidavit and submit it to the Farmers Branch Police Department. The report number should be passed along to the financial institution for them to follow up.

Identity Theft

If you are the victim of identity theft and reside in Farmers Branch, or the fraudulent account(s) or activity occurred in the city of Farmers Branch, complete the Identity Theft Affidavit  and submit it to the Farmers Branch Police Department.  

Please Note: 

Identity theft cases can be difficult to investigate, as many suspects hide their information with the identifying information of other victims. Cases will be investigated where a viable suspect is identified.

Helpful Resources

3 Credit Bureaus for reporting fraud and putting an alert on your credit. 

If there are any questions, or you are unsure about what to do, please contact the Farmers Branch Police Department at 972.484.3620, or come to the Police Department, and we will assist you.