Girl Scout Badge Workshops

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Private Workshops Offered  

The Farmers Branch Historical Park is pleased to offer the following Girl Scout badge workshops. Our workshops include a snack, at least one craft and the badge. Workshops are typically an 1.5 to 2 hours, cost $15 per Scout, and can be scheduled by calling 972.406.0184. A minimum of five girls and a maximum of 40 girls are preferred.

Daisy Badge Workshops

  • Outdoor Art Maker: From a blue sky to a bird’s song, nature can give you lots of ideas for art! Get ready to explore the outdoors and use what you see and hear to make different kinds of art projects.
  • Good Neighbor: Groups of people are called communities. You’re part of lots of communities! Your Daisy troop is one, and so is your class at school. You can help your communities by being a good neighbor. Find out how in this badge.

Brownie Badge Workshops

  • Outdoor Art Creator: As an artist, you can walk outside and see colors, shapes, and ideas for things you want to create. Find out how you can make your own art outdoors and have fun doing it!
  • Celebrating Community: Communities often celebrate what makes them special. A Brownie group is a community! Other communities -- your town, state, and country -- have celebrations, like ceremonies and parades. They might also celebrate by building statues or museums. In this badge, find out what your communities do to celebrate all of the people in them. 
  • My Family Story: Every family has stories. It’s good to share them so you know who helped make you who you are. Do this badge to find out more about the people you love and who love you. That’s your family!

Junior Badge Workshops

  • Gardener: Creating a bright bouquet of fresh flowers, making a dish with garden-fresh herbs, growing a little green cheer inside with houseplants – these are all of the things a gardener gets to do. In this badge, dig your hands into the earth and spend time with soil, water, and sunlight to find out how to help life grow from a tiny seed. You can make your own garden – no matter where you live. 
  • Flowers: Flowers are so beautiful, we bring them from the outside into our homes to add cheer to a room. But there’s more to flowers than just good looks. Without them, plants could not make seeds, and scientists think the world would be much drier (and a lot less pretty). Dig up more flower secrets in this badge!
  • Outdoor Art Explorer: From murals on buildings to oil paintings of landscapes, art and the outdoors go hand in hand. Let nature be your inspiration as you explore, create, and design different kinds of art.
  • Playing the Past: Dream up a character: a girl or woman who lived in another time period. Maybe a poodle-skirt-wearing Girl Scout from the 1950s, a Wild West cowgirl, a medieval duchess, or a Japanese princess from long ago? You can be someone who is really exciting.
  • Social Butterfly: Have you ever found yourself in a group or place where you didn’t know how to act? It happens to everyone. In this badge, have fun practicing the social style and good manners that will make you comfortable in any situation.
  • Inside Government: Do you ever wonder exactly what government is and what it does? Active citizens should know the basics of government, so here’s your chance to go behind the scenes. In this badge, you’ll explore laws that affect you every day, meet people who work in government, and be active in government yourself!

Cadettes Badge Workshop

  • Outdoor Art Apprentice: Being outside in nature is a great way to spark your creativity. Some of our greatest works of art are inspired by nature—from early on, cave people drew pictures of sunsets, the sky, animals, and trees. Get ready to observe and collect things outdoors that will drive your art and creativity— from colors and patterns to landscapes and wildlife.

Interested in Booking a Workshop?

You can inquire about our workshop bookings by filling out our inquiry form.

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