Fleet and Facilities Management

The Fleet & Facilities Management Department is a customer service oriented Internal Service Fund responsible for the maintenance, repair, fueling and replacement of the City’s fleet and management of the City’s facilities. The department operates in a business-oriented fashion by structuring the customer billing system to emulate business practices to ensure the department is competitive. The department provides service to its customers, while striving towards the lowest possible fleet and facilities cost by designing and implementing a comprehensive management program. In addition, the department is responsible for the operation of the City warehouse, which purchases and stocks materials for all departments.

The department’s mission statements are:


"We will work together to provide a well-maintained, safe, dependable and cost-effective fleet for the City by being service-oriented and having pride in our work."


"Providing quality service in an efficient and friendly manner to ensure functional, safe, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing buildings to all who use our facilities.”