Manske Sprouts Seed Library

What is a Seed Library?

Seed libraries are a growing concept in public libraries, intended to provide communities an opportunity to share and harvest seeds. 

The basic idea is that you plant seeds, let some grow long enough to produce seeds (go-to-seed), then return these next-generation-seeds for others to borrow. Returning seeds is not required, but any that you save and contribute help us to repopulate our Manske Sprouts collection. We provide a variety of heirloom and open-pollinated seeds for the community to use. The good news is there are never any fines!

Manske Sprouts Seed Library cabinet
Flowers in front of Library building

How to Get Started

Manske Sprouts is located near the Circulation Desk, along with several resources on gardening. In order to "checkout" seeds, individuals will need to complete a membership form at the Circulation Desk. A library card is NOT required to participate. 

Once a membership form has been completed, patrons may select seeds from the Manske Sprouts cabinet, document items checked out on the membership record, and take them home to plant! We ask that everyone be mindful of our limited supply by selecting no more than 3 seed packets per checkout. 

How to Donate Seeds

The Library encourages all borrowers to learn basic seed-saving techniques to sustain a healthy and viable seed collection. Seeds must be from open-pollinated (non-genetically modified) and/or heirloom plants that are not listed as invasive species in Texas. Donated seeds will be added to the collection at the discretion of Library Staff. Please follow the guidelines below:

  • SAVE: Collect seeds from a variety of your healthiest/tastiest crops.
  • DRY & CLEAN: Seeds need to be completely dry and clean. Remove as much of the chaff/stalk as possible.
  • LABEL: All donated/returned seeds need to be accurately labeled.
  • DROP OFF: Seal dry, clean seeds in a plastic bag and return to the seed donation drawer. Complete and attach the Donation Form.
Seed Packets from Manske Sprouts
Manske Sprouts Seed Library open drawers with seeds

Be a Manske Sprouts Volunteer!

The Library is looking for interested persons to host programs on seeds, gardening basics, water conservation, plants to help pollinators, and more. We also need help sorting seed packets and translating materials. 

Call the Library at 972.247-2511 for more details or to set up a gardening program!

Share Your Experiences!

Share your seeds and harvests with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using the hashtags #ManskeSprouts and #LibraryinaPark!

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