Urban Wildlife

Raccoons & Opossums

Bobcats & Coyotes

Living with Urban Wildlife

The City of Farmers Branch is known for it's "City in a Park" motto.  With that you have many species of wildlife that reside in the city, and that also travel along the creeks here in the city. Fortunately, taking a few simple steps can help you prevent many of the most common wildlife-related problems around your home. 

Keeping your pets safe:

  • Per local ordinances, all dogs and cats outside of fenced areas MUST be kept on a leash.  This applies to all areas of the city with the exception of the Barney Wood Bark Park or any other private dog park in the city.  Local predators usually will not make any advances on pets who are properly leashed on a 6 foot lead, so adherence to this ordinance is imperative when considering wildlife interactions with predators.
  • Per Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's urban biologist recommendations, Farmers Branch does not trap or euthanize wildlife that is behaving appropriately.  If you are concerned about the behavior of wildlife and whether or not it is "normal", please contact the shelter to report and/or ask questions.  You may also email us at animalservices@farmersbranchtx.gov with sightings or questions.


Trapping and relocating:

  • Animal Services can assist with trapping and relocating wildlife who may be engaging in nuisance behavior.  We cannot enter homes, attics, climb trees, or access your roof, but we can recommend professional services who may be able to help.  Please call the shelter for more information about wildlife trapping services.


  • Under no circumstances should residents handle bats for any reason.  Please call Animal Services for assistance with bats.