Local businesses can do a lot to prepare for the impact of the many hazards and threats they face in today’s world including fires, equipment or power outages, floods, tornadoes, or widespread serious illness. A lot of hazards threaten the day to day operations of a business and can leave a business without its normal building, computer systems, or employees. It is important for businesses to consider and prepare for the hazards that may disrupt its normal operations. 

Imagine this common reality. There is a fire in the building that leaves the building inhabitable for 5 days. Can your business operate outside of your normal building for 5 days? How will you communicate this news and your new business plan to employees or clients? These are just a few obstacles you may face. 

A Business Emergency Plan or Business Continuity of Operations Plan can help you plan for such a situation. It is crucial for you to get together with your team before an incident occurs and go through the Business Emergency Plan Process:

  1. Create a Business Emergency Plan specific to your business
  2. Implement your plan and train all employees
  3. Test your plan through exercises with your entire staff
  4. Update your plan with improvements identified in exercises

Contact the City's emergency management division if you would like help throughout the process.

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