Code Enforcement

Property Maintenance

Property maintenance is an important key to a sustainable community. Well-maintained properties enhance neighborhood appearance, reduce crime, promote quality of life and improve property values. The City of Farmers Branch embraces a dynamic, proactive approach to property maintenance using property condition surveys, performance measures and leading-edge technology to promote compliance with the adopted property standards. Individuals can check a code violation online.

Code Enforcement Officers

Farmers Branch code enforcement officers are assigned specific residential areas of the city to inspect for compliance with city code and zoning ordinances. The goal of the code enforcement department is to resolve violations, reduce neighborhood deterioration and ensure property values.

For information regarding the city’s inspection districts and which code enforcement officer is designated to your neighborhood, view the:
For additional information, please call or email a complaint directly to the code enforcement officer for your district.

Various Methods of Reporting

Should you wish to report a code violation, the instructions are below. There are several ways to register or check the status of a complaint with code enforcement.

Online Reporting

Individuals can check a code violation online.

Phone Reporting

Call Community Services/Code Enforcement at 972.919.1414 to speak to a customer service representative.

Reporting In Person

Anyone can register a complaint by visiting City Hall and speaking with a representative from the Code Enforcement Department:
  • Farmers Branch City Hall
    13000 William Dodson Parkway
    Farmers Branch, Texas 75234

Reporting via Mail

  • City of Farmers Branch
    Code Enforcement Division
    P.O. Box 819010
    Farmers Branch, Texas 75381-9010

Vacant Building Information

The city has studied the impact of vacant buildings and found that they can discourage economic development, become an attractive nuisance for children, a harbor for rodents and other vermin, be an invitation to vagrants and criminals, become more vulnerable to arson, and have an adverse effect on the property values of businesses and residences in the surrounding area. 

To minimize the impact of vacant structures the city enacte

 Ordinance 3170 


that requires vacant buildings be registered with the city and annual inspections be conducted.